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​The focus on the presentation is "real" wilderness first aid considerations for a day on the river or a week at a remote fly fishing lodge. The talk is based on over 20 years of experience providing remote medical services and guiding in the environments we work and play in. A basic first aid class or an article in a magazine is great but may not be appropriate for fly fishers where help could be delayed in the event of an emergency. Our "Freestone First Aid: Considerations for the Fly Fisher"  presentation covers topics such as: Appropriate First Aid Courses, First Aid Kit Considerations and Medical Considerations for the Traveling Angler; to name a few. Our presentation has been well received at events over the past few years. The feedback we have received from event organizers and attendees has been overwhelmingly positive.

We can customize a presentation to meet the specific needs of your organization, fly shop or event.

"Long overdue. The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Finns West will be back next year!"

-Beau Beasley  Director Virginia Flyfishing & Wine Festival / Texas Flyfishing & Brew Festival 

"This topic is long overdue and often overlooked  when planning for day on the river or an extended trip into a remote location."
- Colorado TU chapter president

"The feedback from attendees was very positive and this presentation adds something new and important to our Adventure Theater lectures." 
- ISE Denver

"One of the most important and interesting fly fishing presentations I have ever attended."
- ISE Utah  attendee

"I know this was not a first aid course, but I learned more than the last first aid class I took." 
- Fly Fishing Rendezvous  attendee

If you are interested in having this topic presented at your next event, please feel free to contact us here at Finns West and we will be happy to check our schedule and chat with you or your organization.​​

Get Finns West to speak at your next event! 

Are you looking for a new and informative presentation topic for your next expo or fly shop event? Finns West has developed an informative and important lecture series on the Considerations of Wilderness First Aid for the individual, guide, outfitter or destination lodge. 

​Speaking / Presentation Opportunities 

Texas Flyfishing & Brew Festival-Plano,TX

March 9-10,2018


The Fly Fishing Show - Denver,CO
January 6 - 8th, 2017

Denver Women's Fly Fishing Showcase - Denver, CO 
January 6, 2017

Colorado Womens Flyfishers-Denver, CO
March 7,2017

Texas Fly Fishing + Brew Festival
March 11 - 12th, 2017

​17th Annual Virginia Fly Fishing + Wine Festival 
April 8 - 9th, 2017

Fly Fishing Rendezvous - Golden, CO
November 5 - 6th, 2016​​