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Summer 2017

We are stoked to have had the opportunity to write a few articles and have a few mention us in the industry. 

We are also super stoked to be working with organizations and projects in the industry dialing in their medical side of things.

If interested, click on images below to see what we are up to………..

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Xplor Podcast "Finns West...What we do"


Aug-Sept 2017

​May-June 2017

Finns West and Conterra teamed up with Frankie Marion and the Xplor Project to design custom first aid kits and medical logistics for the Xplor projects.

Finns West has partnered with IndyFly to provide remote medical courses and support for their projects around the world.

​Click on the logo to learn more about the great projects IndyFly is involved with. 


C1 Films: Xplor Project

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