Finns West partnered with Conterra Technical Systems ( a company we have worked with for 17 years) to create durable bombproof First Aid Kits that will stand up to environments outdoor professionals face. No "fluff" has been added and include only the contents needed for a day or weeks in the field.

The kits are light, lean, rugged, and have quality contents (not just bandaids) to handle a wide range of emergencies. The kits are the “Guide One” and “Guide Two”.  Both kits are built with the same materials that we use in our EMS and rescue products, including Diamond Ripstop and waterproof zippers. The internal organization is a unique and proprietary modular system. Each module is color coded for the kind of response that you are faced with. The green module is for routine medical issues (cuts blisters etc), and the red module is for major issues (severe bleeding cardiac emergencies etc). The modules themselves are made with heavy re-closeable see-through pockets that are completely water tight, so even if your pack takes a dunk, your important medical supplies will stay safe.​​

Guide II

Conterra has been building technical equipment for over 28 years in Bellingham Washington.  All products bearing the CONTERRA label are hand built in the United States by skilled workers, at a living wage. 

At Conterra we will not build a product for emergency use unless we can make it better and more unique than the competition. Our gear is designed with personal safety and convenience in mind.

Conterra bags open with as few operations as possible, speeding up your response time, while decreasing the need for bio cleanup. We use absolutely the strongest, highest quality materials available, including Ballistics nylon , #10 coil zippers, and our new SI- TEX FLUID PROOF FABRIC. Even our label is made of fluid proof, injection molded vinyl.

All of our equipment is proudly made in USA and features a lifetime guarantee.

​Guide I

Guide II

First Aid Kits

The Guide I is for day trips and/ or single emergencies. It is a ridiculously small kit, but has an impressive amount of supplies, including wire cutter (for fish hooks etc) and ultra-small EMT micro shears.

Guide I

The Guide II is for multi day, and multi emergencies. It has upgraded professional quality contents, such as Numask™ MTM, hemostatic gauze , and SWAT T™ tourniquet.

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