Traditional First Aid courses are based on rapid emergency response and may not be appropriate for the  environments we work and play in. Our courses are designed to address the specific environments, locations and  emergencies that could occur in the fishing & hunting industry. We are able to customize a course for your specific operation, whether a fishing lodge in the Bahamas or hunting lodge in Georgia. 

"It's not a matter of if, but when" and being prepared is the first step.  

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It's not a matter of if, but when........

Finns West came to our lodge in Belize and administered the 3 day Wilderness First Aid course for my guides, Boat Captain and myself.  The course was presented in a fun, informative and very hands-on way which was both impactful and engaging.  Not only did we learn a lot, but had a great time doing it.  We found this course to be really useful for real-world scenarios / emergencies that could happen to us while flats fishing.  In addition to learning the First Aid required for the certification, I found the course to have the added benefit of being a team builder for our lodge/guides.  We finished the course as a stronger team.  Thank you Finns West.  I look forward to working with you again on our re-certification!

Ali Flota

Lodge Owner

El Pescador Lodge / Belize

Positively the best course I've ever taken and the smartest preemptive move we've made at The Broadmoor Fly Fishing Camp"

Scott Tarrant

Fly Fishing Manager

The Broadmoor Fly Fishing

Hands down the most relevant first aid course I have even taken. The hands-on scenarios combined with the critical thinking aspects of the Finns West course has prepared myself and my staff for any situation we may face while in the field with our clients. 

Tom Evenson


​Pro & Endorsement Manager

Finns West provides relevant, straightforward, no non-sense Wilderness First Aid training ,  Emergency Action Plan development and Medical Logistics for guides, outfitters, anglers and lodge staff. 

​We are not only medical providers and educators but fishing and hunting guides.  We understand the environment you work and play in…...medically and professionally .



"I've been working as a guide and outfitter my whole life, and I have taken more first aid courses than I can remember.  Nothing has been more practical and better purposed for my line of work than the course Finns West put together for my team of guides in the Bahamas. Focusing on the practical real world events me and my guides will likely encounter in our careers it was money and time well spent and I would strongly encourage all lodges and guides to jump on board."

Oliver White
Owner / Guide Abaco Lodge & Bair's Lodge

Adventure Angler
Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Host

Wilderness First Aid Courses & Medical Solutions for the Angling & Hunting Community